The constant feeling of never being enough, of never living up to peoples expectations, of always feeling like I am letting you down. But I´m trying, always trying my best. My best that apparently never is enough.

Temporarily removed

I gave you everything I had. But it still wasn´t enough. You craved more, more than I was ever able to give you. More than anyone was ever able to give you. You were like a little greedy child craving its candy. Candy I provided, but candy not sweet enough for you.

You made me feel so small and powerless, because I knew, I knew that you had me wrapped around your finger even though I didn´t want to admit it. Didn´t want to admit that I once again was under your control.

I was never enough for you even though I tried, I tried so fucking hard for you. I ripped out my heart for you and gave it to you but you tossed it away. I always tried, every damn day, I tried, I tried it all for you. But I was never enough for you.