" Compliments have this powerful effect as it is a word but, you are way more than an order or an arrangement of random alphabet letters spelled out or even a simple reflection in a glass...
The sophistication and beauty in the inside is the most important and expensive thing
and like all expensive things it is kept away from those who can't value this amount of grace and beauty
This shield cover is only a protection for the inner you; don't let it define you
you are as pretty as you think you are no matter what you wear or look like
The crushing weight of thinking that just maybe someone is over judging your appearance can change into this light soft feather if you believe that you are as pretty as you claim!

humans are pretty despite their feelings, looks, or beliefs,
The whole idea of inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt,
Or even the sound of glitter pumping in your chest
And the shining light in the eyes that never fades is just fascinating! "

| pretty is not defined by your trendy clothes style or your ability to change your face into a barbie doll. |