Love. You can´t really find a definition for those four letters, but I am a lucky enough to be able to experience this incredible feeling for a while now with my boyfriend. It´s not that I´ve got butterflies in my tummy all of the time anymore, it´s more like an extreme strong but also calm feeling. It´s taking me over from time to time and just making me incredibly happy. Some evenings we´re just infinite. There are moments we can´t stop laughing because of something incredibly stupid one of us did. That´s what we´re best at. Being stupid. Those evenings when we´re watching the night taking over on a lonely rooftop. Kissing extremely soft and slow even though our emotions are the opposite. Walking next top each other hand in hand under the night sky. He´s my sun, I´m the moon. He´s the one looking at me like I´m looking at the moon.