You are not the mess in your room, you´re not the exhaustion that forces you to fall asleep, you are not your headache after a long day.

You´re not your agressive reaction to small stupid things, you are not your cold feet on a winter morning. You are not your old scars, nor your dry hands.

You are not your dirty laundry, you are not your unaswered messages. You´re not your bad grades or failed exams. You are not your wrinkles or red tired eyes. You are not your itchy skin, you´re not your aching muscles.

You shall not be defined by temporary things that irritate you right now. Don´t be defined by the negativity that others see.

Refuse to accept a dark vision of yourself. Refuse to look down on something God created to be beautiful.

Why would you look at others with eyes of love and joy and not at yourself? Why would you discourage yourself?

Say: I know who I am. And it is me who will define who I am. The one who makes the choices.

Temporary state of being does NOT define you unless you accept that idea of it. Look deep inside of yourself and realize WHO you ARE.

You are so much more than they made you believe you were.

Love, K.