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So the beginning of school is around the corner for everyone (or it has already started for some of you). No cheering and excitement, I get it. I'm having a rough time thinking about it already, too. So I'm here giving you three tips that may help you bring a little bit more positivity onces school starts again.

Dress to impress

Start wearing that new top that you bought while on vacation! Or those awesome pair of shoes you scored when it was on sale. Out of inspiration? You can check out my 'Fashion' collection on We Heart It down below:

Start that bullet journal

Bullet journals are seriously populair right now. You're probably sick of it. But trust me, it makes your life so much easier! In one glance, you can see what you need to do this week, the goals you've set for this month or how much water you've drank so far today. It makes it more fun too to keep track of your lists and habits. And you can make it as creative as you like! Organization? Check!

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Take good care of yourself

Eat healthy to feel good, exercise to stay on track and coffee is important for even being a living human being for a few hours. One tip I can give you is the following: prepare your lunch and snacks the night before you go to school. It can save you so much time in the morning!

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