So this is just to test the new article option , its kind nice to do that kind of things here in weheart it but i kinda think it needs more details and design and some other things but overall its pretty good so thanks @teamweheartit !

Facebook is the most used social platform these days so its one of the ways to connect and know persons more than any other social media (ofc there is many better social networks better than facebook but he stills one of the bests for some reasons) here is the things i quit like in the current version of facebook :

=INFO SESSION= : now this is one the best parts here is that you can add lots of info more than other social medias from work positions , social media infos (but stills not really that great) , details about the persons and this is the best part where you can actually write as many as info you want without limitations so its cool !

=PAGES= : now pages is another great thing in facebook , and its the best place to promote and grow any kind of things from company's , artists , labels , persons , products...with a simple and easy way to share and manage them , with all the necessary and essential things that should be viewed from contact , info , story...
=LIVE MAP= : now this is the weird and cool thing about facebook , most of people dont use this session of live videos where you can see live events and what's people doing all over the world , used to open this tab when boredom hits me at some random moments and then it just comes up with people doing really weird stuffs ! x)

Things i hate in facebook :

=Messenger= : now you cant really use this messenger app without been seen as online and active statut , the thing is you have to download another modified app or to search for plugins and add on's to disable this !
=Profiles= : now you can actually send friend requests and follow people but why cant you facebook people disable those privacy things and make everything public , i hate when you cant know more info about anyone before they add you thats just a non sence !
=Data usage= : and yeah one of the things i hate is the data usage (mostly in phones) when you use to watch a lot of videos (from 360 videos to hd videos) and any other thing that may make you loose more data than using it normaly on the web version , and that's just horrible for people who's uses mobile data when there is no wifi !
=Design= : oh and like guys please change this aweful design , like since ive been using facebook in 2011 , nothing really changed tbh , same things , same option , some of the main things are improved but overall it sucks to see the same thing over and over so that's what actually makes people quit bored of using this platform !

=Connections to other social medias= : that's a thing i dont really like is the connection to other facebook platforms like whatsapp and instagram , where people actually can see your user name from the add list , no privacy and no things to hide from that so why dont you facebook leave those social medias appart from the main thing
=Friends suggestions and people to follow= : i hate that thing never would love to see those suggestions , who ever asked for them and who would love to make friends that way ?
=Home feed= : sometimes it can be just annoying , with random posts and annoying stuffs that you have to idea where it can come from , personaly i did another second account where i can follow and see the things i like in the main feed to keep so clean and nicer than to see silly and stupid things that people and friends post everyday with no sence.

anyways wanted just to test this article thing and yeah will add more stuffs and things over my account , thanks for anyone who have seen this !