Here's a test article to see if this is absolutely trash or if it's beneficial t me in any way.

Have some Beronica

riverdale, kiss, and lesbian image

Let's try this grid thing now

Temporarily removed Betty, veronica, and love image actors, gif, and riverdale image riverdale, cole sprouse, and boy image
This is nice I'm enjoying it

I'm gonna keep these notes here so I have them in case my moronic ass forgets formatting

Titles 👈

Did you notice the different titles on this article? Just write "# Your title" on the beginning of a new line.

Text Formatting

Use *bold* and _italic_ to make parts of your text bold or italic.


Starting lines with > (greater than) changes how they look so you can make quotes or use for emphasis:

Where are my cookies?
— Cookie Monster


Starting lines with . (dot) or * (asterisk) makes a list:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three


#hashtag and @mentions are converted into Whi links automatically.

And finally, any regular link becomes clickable, like this:

The Verdict:

I like this tbh
I won't use it a lot (probably) but it's nice to have it here