School for me is starting September 5th, and as most of y'all don't know i'm starting my junior year this school year. I know that Junior year is a pretty important year, and I really want to keep my head above everything this year.

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I don't actually hate school, but you know i don't like the anxiety it puts me through. smh.

This list is to be honest is more for myself, and I will most likely keep coming back to this article to add or edit the tips.

Okay lovelies! Let's begin,

Tip 1. You have to start every new year with a positive attitude, never close yourself off from new opportunities just because you think this year is going to be crazy difficult.

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Tip 2. Yes, grades matter– but so do you. your well being is number one, take note of your mental health and your physical health. Look after you body. Self-care isn't just treating yourself to some chocolate, it's knowing your weak spots and trading them. If y'all I can make another article on Self- care (just hmu ya know the drill).

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Tip 3. Stop worrying about looking stupid, it doesn't matter just you do you. Join that club, play that sport, ask for help. No one is going to care about high school after y'all graduate anyways, don't let these changes go to waste guys. All those popularity stuff and like relationships are not worth your sadness and stress.

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Tip 4. Don't cram. This is something I still do, and i regret it every single time. Do not cram gals, doesn't really help. instead you gotta spread your time wisely, use that pretty planner for good.

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Tip 5. Don't treat failures like walls, treat them like bridges. Here's what I mean: If you treat failure like something in the way of your success, you are going to feel blocked from your potential. Treat failure like a lesson, like a one- step- closer kind of thing to your desired outcome. You are bound to fail, don't let it stop you- or even worst, don't let failure define you.

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okay right now this is all I have, i'll come back to this fam.

Stay fresh kids,

Love, Ash