Hello people I feel very happy to be sharing a little of my world and letting go (yess hahaha) a little of my life with you! We heart it already was incredible, now with this option, I want to marry him (less please haha).

A little about me ♥

Sooo, my name is Leticia, but I think everyone I know calls me Lia! So call me Lia haha! I live in Brazil, a tropical country, filled with wonderful landscapes where I find immense peace. Although my country is doing very poorly in politics, I love living here too much. But of course like everyone, I really want to get out of this routine and travel the world knowing places I've never heard of and discovered a little about where we live.
  I love reading, traveling, taking pictures and venturing on the internet. I want to do a lot of photography in college (no, I'm still going to get there haha). I love to see how many people have this talent for the photos and that's where I get inspired and I get more and more admired by everything that the internet gives us, World of photos but everywhere.

 I know that we live in a world where everything is going from bad to worse but with our care and our help, everything will come in its place and slowly, we will help a universe so devastated.

flowers, sea, and ocean image

Okay, before you're done, I meant that you're not alone in this world.
And welcome to my world!

Soo, I hope you have the patience to put up with me because I love writing so prepare the texts !!! I hope you enjoy it, I really love expressing myself through the privilege we have to access to this whole virtual world.

Until the next!