Hi and welcome to my article!
Do you know that scene in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, where they’re in the car, blasting Heroes by David Bowie, and just feeling infinite?

logan lerman, infinite, and emma watson image
You know, this memorable scene - credit: @pylolia

In case you ever want to recreate that scene with similar songs, or just want to have a good time during late-night drives, I’ve created a playlist for you with the perfect songs! They create an impeccable wall of sound and make you feel extraordinary to the core.
Btw, on the topic of ‘getting to know me’, just know that most of these are my favourite songs :)

It's a mix of old classics and new music, I really hope you like it. Turn up your volume and enjoy!

The only song in the universe that will suffice as the intro of this playlist is this excellent intro:

  • The 1975 – The 1975
  • Lorde – Ribs
  • David Bowie – Heroes
  • Bleachers – Don’t Take The Money
  • The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
  • OneRepublic – What You Wanted
  • Lorde – Green Light
  • Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
  • Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
  • M83 – Wait
  • LANY – The Breakup
  • The Naked And Famous – Punching In A Dream
  • Modern English – I Melt With You
  • Foxes – Body Talk
  • Simple Minds – (Don’t You) Forget About Me
  • OneRepublic – Kids
  • Coldplay – Viva La Vida

And lastly, this is by far my favourite song, and it makes the perfect outro because of its title:

OneRepublic – Au Revoir


Earth, Wind and Fire – September

I know this song isn’t really like the others, but it’s still perfect if you want to have a good time during late-night drives! I absolutely love the movie Intouchables, that’s where I got the idea of this song from haha.

I’ve already made the playlist on Spotify; if you want to listen to it on there, here’s the link:

Thank you so much for listening/reading!
If you have any songs you think I should add or suggestions for articles, please let me know! You can email me on lauvery@hotmail.com

Bye sweethearts!

xxx Sabine (@the_night_skies)