First article!

This was supposed to be a regular post but I thought it might be the perfect thing to write about because I feel like it needs more detail.
If you're going through something and you feel like you need it then here are a few quotes to help you through it!

Firstly, the past cannot ever be changed! So why keep dwelling on it? That will only add fuel to the fire and make things way worse than it needs to be in the first place. I know you're probably saying easier said than done but if you develop this kind of mindset where you're just like Yes it happened, I survived and I need to move on things will be so much better for you! Be it a break up or you just had a bad day, yes it happened but guess what? You survived.
On that same note, things only affects you if you let it! Go outside, hang out with friends and family, find a new hobby or hobbies to keep yourself busy, make some goals just DO SOMETHING! You won't think about things if you always have something to do. Also, here's a plus, you'll have things to do when you're bored!
If you recently parted ways with someone close friend or boyfriend/girlfriend or it's been a while and you haven't gotten over it yet please remember that there was a point in time when you didn't know that person and you were just fine. Yes memories were shared and all that but someone else will come along that'll be 1000x better than that last person.
Lastly, do not let ANYONE treat you like you're less than you are! You are a queen/king that deserves so much better than someone who constantly puts you down and hinders your growth! Cut that person off!
Here's a couple other things that you should remember: These images aren't mine

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