So yesterday I collected my GCSE results from school. And I am so disappointed in myself because I didn't pass a lot of my subjects.

I always told myself that I didn't care about science but I still revised for it because I wanted to make myself proud. So I revised the whole science revision book and I thought to myself that I'm going to ace the exam. But boy was I wrong! I got an E! after all that revision I get an E?!
I'm not mad anymore because the important thing is that I tried even if I didn't care for it. But I'm happy that I passed a few things.

Your GCSE results don't define you. How you act, your personality and the way you carry yourself define you. A bunch of letters on a paper shouldn't stop you from following your dream. I know that my grades certainly won't stop me from doing what I want to do when I'm older. And no matter at you gets in life, if it's something bad, you kick it in the face and find a better way to make it good again. Don't give up on it, but learn from it. If it's something good, then savour it, don't let it get away and be proud of yourself because you deserve it.

Good news is, I got a place in college so I'm happy and I can retake my maths exam since that's the most important one

If you're reading this and you're going to start your GCSE's or exam, please don't slack off. Give revision your all even if it means you getting stressed with a headache. Because trying leads to success, and even if you tried and didn't get the grades that you wanted then laugh, cry, whatever you want. Just know that it isn't the end because life has a funny way of turning bad things good. Your life isn't over. There are ways to improve things.

What you read probably made no sense at all. Just trying to give a wise advice :)

You're not a failure. I'm not a failure