Hello Angels :)
I noticed that you really love my friendship collection so I thought that you may like some friendship advice too!

Have you ever thought that your friendship is not as strong as those "picture perfect" photos? Guess what. Friendship takes a lot of time and effort just like relationship with your bae!

Time is prescious

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You have to study, s/he does videos, you have part-time job and it seems that it is neverending story. But actually, if you plan your day or week, you might find some quality time together! In fact, try to study together or find the same part-time job! Did you know that when you study with friends, you learn faster?

Show some effort

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Even though you are busy, don't forget your bestie! Just a little text or tagging on Instagram is a reminder that you still care for them.
Also, do something that will suprise them. Buy a small gift, suprise them with a party, the ideas are endless.
Remeber to enjoy the little things in life!

Be spontenaous

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Have you ever planned a trip together that just... didn't happen? The thing is that the more you plan in advance the more likely you will stay home.
Just go for it. Plan just a few days in advance and you're ready to go!

Helping each other

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Never let your friend alone when s/he needs help! You could try to help them with the test, try to pretend that you are the employer so that s/he won't be so nervous. Literally anything.

Two can keep a secret...

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You know why your bestie is...the bestie? Because you both share secrets that no one else knows. Just be sure that you truly know that person.

The last things that makes a true friendship are jokes that only you and your bestie understand!

Just remember....

Treat others how you wish they would treat you

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