So I was just going through a bunch of philosophical texts for school earlier when I happened upon something that caught my attention. It was saying that if consciousness allows you to acknowledge your acts, it doesn't mean that it is a knowledge. Despite this being really interesting, it's not what I want to focus on. What I want to focus on is what was said right after; according to Locke (17th century philosopher) what makes the unity of a subject is self-awareness. If I know who I am, then I am the ONLY ONE to know it. Yet someone else interferes over my identity with his judgement. What impression do I give to an outsider? Is it really what I want to show?
Consciousness is how I build my identity.
That's what made me think about my life and realize how true it was. Thinking too much always eventually leads to self-awareness, you end up thinking about how people see you and, usually, you want them to have a good impression of you. Especially in today's society, I see many teenagers trying to look cool, acting like people they're not just to make friends and be accepted by the majority. By doing this we create distance with our own past, with what we were, what we are, WHO we are, and with these experiences we are the only ones to own and live.

And even if you're not at the extent of acting like someone you're not, I'm positive you aren't what you show because you are aware of other people's opinion. You might not think of it but you still know it exists and that's enough to make you try to fit as much as possible. Even if that's not in your personality, you may be someone who's "different", someone who doesn't "give a fuck about your opinion" but personality is build up from links between unconscious and consciousness, so if you inconsciously are aware of other people's opinion, you will change, even slightly, your personality because that's how human nature works.

I am not saying any of this as a reproache to anyone, I believe it's great that such complex things are trying to push us to try to be accepted. But I think it's time for us to change. We might not be able able to change the way our brains work but we do can change the way we look at other people. Just embrace differences, love that guy wearing nail polish, talk with that girl you think is a bitch, share with that person from another religion, you may be surprised by what you find out.
But that's just a second thing to do. The first thing to do is to accept yourself. Love yourself. Don't let someone else change your identity. I know I just said that a natural thing to happen, but I fairly believe that if you just try to be yourself and to accept others as who they trully are, they'll naturally give it back to you by accepting who you are showing if and only if you're not lying about who you are.