1. Drink lots of water
2. Wash your face every night, and morning.
3. Put on lotion, and face cream, that have natural ingredients.
4. Put on any natural oils like, lavender, castor, olive etc.
5. Make sure your pillow or pillow case is clean.
6. Don't touch your face so much, unless your hands are clean.
7. Don't wear so much makeup, or to much makeup, cause it have unnatural ingredients(Unless it's not), cause your face needs to breath.
8. Make sure your rag or towel is clean when you wipe your face, after washing it.
9. Go to natural shops for your face.
10. Drink tea like green tea, jasmine tea etc.
11. Drinks best for your skin like Tomato juice, carrot juice, soy milk, almond milk.
12. More days outside so your skin can breath more, for fresh air.
13. When drying face don't rub, dab(Lol).
14. Oh and make sure drink lots of water.