My first article. Hopefully someone will read and share their opinions about it.
So, "what is the complexity of language?" you ask. I answer that, unfortunately, English is not my native language. My native language is Russian, and if anyone thinks its complicated, I don't think so. For me, if you start from childhood to study it, then everything will be easy. Yes, you can say "But you speak it from birth, of course it's easy for you", but trust me, talking on it, that's not all that you need. Plenty of exceptions in words, the correctness of the accents and etc. And the spelling is a nightmare, so traction to all this should be taught from childhood, because the next worse, and not only the one who does'nt know the language. Listen to and see the wrongness, that's awful.
But why i write about it? Not to say that I'm thrilled that one of my native languages - Russian (I'm from Belarus, we have two official languages) but be aware that I own one of the most difficult languages on the planet, adds a little pride. But, actually, my passion, since elementary classes was English. For this I must say thanks to my mother. She forced me to learn basic words before I started study at school the language. I still remember how to twelve at night I sit crying on the word "yellow" because I just couldn't remember its writing. At that moment I just hated that word and yellow was my least favorite color, but honestly, even on any one subject for I had not sat so long. While all of my classmates translated the text on the Internet or by using the keys, I sat with a vocabulary.Did I liked it? No. But now I know the language and love it.

Not to say that now I write it all myself. Yes, I write in the interpreter large text, but I hasten to warn you, I always very carefully check that was translated, because it's not the best. Not that words, not sentence structure, which defeats the purpose. Ugh... But, this test also gave me a knowledge of the language.
Don't know what started my love for the language, but I can say that I gotta like it always. Thanks to English I can easily understand the meaning of my favorite songs, I can watch my favorite TV shows with subtitles, remembering the sound of the words, and I love to watch reality shows (which are not translated into Russian language) in the original language because I can understand what they're saying. What can we say about the social networks in which most of the users speak English.
In any case, I want to say, if anyone of you believes that your language is simple and silly, I dare you to convince. I believe that English is the language of the future.
In the end I want to summarize the fact that not only study gave me what I can and love. I love English and I want to develop it to that level, to write such big texts by myself and without an interpreter.