Hi guys! These are some of my favourite online shopping websites. Also, most of these are clothes websites. Enjoy!!

1 - Urban Outfitters

clothing, cool, and food image fashion, outfit, and outfitters image Image by Venice Queen Image by Venice Queen
A variety from urban outfitters

2 - Zara

blogger, coat, and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and chanel image beauty, fashion, and luxury image fashion, girl, and heels image
A more expensive look from Zara

3 - Missguided

classy, missguided, and fashion image t shirt, missguided, and sequin panel image beauty, makeup, and palette image missguided image

4 - Miss Selfridge

fashionista, black & white, and dress image Inspiring Image on We Heart It accessories, bangle, and bracelet image beautiful, pretty, and cute image

5 - Pretty Little Thing

aesthetic, classy, and heels image pink, fashion, and girly image pretty little thing and chantel jeffries image beautiful, style, and jenner image

6 - Boohoo

boohoo image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed clothes, stylé, and boohoo image

7 - Bershka

Bershka, black and white, and fashion image Bershka, girl, and outfit image Bershka, brand, and quality image art, Bershka, and cool image


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