Beauty should be about health, and care for yourself, and body, not what's trending like hourglass figure, big lips, plastic surgery, big breast, and butt etc, it's not realistic, beauty should be loving your beauty God carved you with. Beauty is not plastic. Beauty come in all shades, beige, pale, white, dark black, sand color, pinkish beige, brown, light brown, vatiligo etc. Beauty is accepting the skin you are in like your nose, ears, skin color, races, ethnicity etc, hair is all beautiful too, just like 4A, and 4B it's all beautiful, it's called being Human you are born just like God wanted you to be, it's natural just like the earth you are on to be honest. Don't pile up your face with all that makeup, and embrace what you came out with, natural beauty, be beautiful, inside and out prepossessing.