Feminism taught females to think they are bigger than men, and stronger, we aren't taught to be on there side, and look out for each other, and that's not what we need, we need is to be on males side at all time. Feminism is needed in 3rd world countries not in 1st or 2nd world countries, cause we are already equal to males, the media is starting to wan't us to have a dangerous hate for each other it's unnatural, and radical feminism wan't us to be better than males(Even though we already have it better than them), but that's not right, we need to be on the same team. Feminism today have taught that if a male tell them what to do it's ''He wan't control of you''(which is not the case for most). All we need today is the stand by each other side, and work things out, and fight what is trying take away the good for this world, and the people, we don't need feminism to feel better than males, but to be on there side, cause one day you never know if males go there own way cause of this, It's terrifying.We don't need feminism in countries like U.S, Canada, Germany, South Korea etc any that is 1st, and 2nd world countries, feminism need to be in countries where females have no rights especially when they are teens(forced marriages, FGM, forced in to Islam), so they can have the same rights like us in our country.