Books have been such an important part of my life. I have always loved the idea of being able to travel to another realm, while not actually having to move. In the area I grew up in, reading was not exactly a popular habit. People used to make fun of me, because I would ramble on and on about the books I had read. Reading was, and still is,  a sort of freedom for me. And it was something that came very natural and easy. I fell in love with books when I was 2 years old, if I was not younger. My mother used to read a lot to me, and I absolutely loved it and I wanted to learn to read as quickly as possible. By the age of 5, I was able to read the newspaper properly. However, I did not do this very often, because I thought the news was quite boring. I preferred reading novels.

I remember very vividly what the first books were that made a real big impression on me. I must have been 8 by now. It was, as probably for many other young children, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. These were the first books that completely took me to another world. I believed every word that Rowling had written and every time I opened one of the books, I could see the whole wizarding world around me. Harry Potter taught me a great deal, and made me fall in love with reading.

I think books are very important for a child's education. If I look at my childhood, I didn't need much to be content. All I desired was a book, which I could explore for hours and hours. Books are so significant for me and every story I have ever read I memorise. Some stories I know by heart and others are a bit more vague in my memory, Nevertheless, I have learned far more in books than TV shows or films have ever taught me. Reading is my escape, when I feel I am in need of one. It is by far the most wonderful experience for me and it really stimulated my cognitive abilities and imagination. It helps me calm down when I feel anxious or stressed, it inspires me and brings me comfort. Without books my life would have been completely different. Then again, I guess that is with all of the elements that are the bricks we build are lives with.

With Love.

K. J. McRander