Life is a series of peaks and valleys, a mixture of happy moments, daily normality and difficult situations. Sometimes you feel euphoric and sometimes you feel like the world is falling on you. And although the natural tendency is to seek happiness, it is really the difficult situations that put us to the test and those that make us grow.

The way to respond to those difficult moments is what really defines the person we are and also what makes us deeply value the rest of situations and events. When a person is able to navigate these difficult situations, he not only grows inwardly, but also learns to value happiness from a new dimension that will gain him inner strength and wisdom.

"Life is not the way it is supposed to be, but it is what it is. The way you face it is what makes the difference "
Even in the most desperate situation there is hope. It's not easy, but nobody said it was. Here are some tips that can help you overcome those situations choke and choke and from which it seems, at first, that you can not leave.

This will happen too

You know from experience that everything happens, that nothing lasts forever. That situation of pain and anguish that you feel will also pass. It does not matter how overwhelming or intense it is. It will happen too. So do not hold on to your pain to overcome. Let it flow, feel it, but without attachment.

Do not feel guilty for experiencing pain or try to look for responsibilities, either inside or outside of you. Searching guilty will not solve anything, it will only increase anger. Feel your pain, it is yours, and let it flow. Sooner or later he will leave, but will only do so when he leaves, when he flows and thus finds the exit

You are strong as strong as you want to be

There is strength and strength within you, as much as you want. You just have to take it out. If you do not know how strong you are it is because you have not yet needed to use that force locked inside you. Faced with a difficult situation, you have the opportunity to release that inner strength.

Do not you feel that strength? That is due to the fear you feel, a paralyzing fear that can make you think of barbarities. But all that your fear tells you is a lie. You can overcome that situation because you have within you the tools to do it. Look for them, take them out and put them to work.

Make your will impose on your mind, that reason be imposed on the heart. Accept the fact that you have to draw that strength, even if it hurts. Be brave to make the decision to control your thoughts.

Do not let anyone dictate your reality

Pain and loss are part of life. We all pass at some point for painful moments. Do not let the way to face the pain of others define how you have to face your own reality. It's yours, not anyone else's.

There is no right way to cope with pain, you do not have to be politically correct. Decide for yourself what to do. Find within yourself what you need to do to let the pain flow. Decide where your inner strength is and how you are going to pull it out.

Many will not understand the way you live your pain, but that is not your problem. Do not let anyone decide for you how to deal with your difficult situations.

Do not focus on what you can not control

Faced with a difficult situation there are many things that you can not control. But we clung to them, tried to find an explanation and find the culprits. And in that attempt to control we cling to anger and pain.

Release it, do not concentrate on the uncontrollable. Let your anxieties flow to be able to release you and them, and then concentrate on seeking your inner peace. You can not control the situation, not even your emotions. Accept them without attachment. Do not try to dominate them.

Everything has a meaning: look for it

Everything in life has a meaning, a reason, something to contribute. You just have to look for it. Trust that you can learn something good from everything that happens to you, even from the most painful. Do not try to understand or manipulate the situation. Just let her offer you something you can use to learn and be stronger.

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