They say If you don't get the things that hurt you off your chest,you will never be able to breathe..So I feel like I need to share this small tribute to Chester that I wrote, because I have nobody else to share it with.
This is how it feels to lose someone who was your inspiration for years.

Dear Chester,

It is so hard to let you go,
And to escape from the pain
That falls on me like a winter rain.
It tortures me to now know

You lived like me,in the storm
That had no beginning or end.
I understand it now when I stand
In the same place you were torn...

Forgive me,I could not take away
The darkness that consumed you,
And now there is nothing I can say,
Nothing I can do to make you stay.

Tell me, did you finally find peace?
Did you find things you have lost?
I pray you are in heaven with Chris
I hope you got what you wanted the most.

And when I look at the night sky,
I will search for a shooting star
To save me from my inner war,
Because I will know you heard me cry.

I will hear your voice inside my head
Singing the songs I loved for so long
And as every word will spread
Through my heart - I will be strong.

But it is so hard to let you go,
And escape from this pain
That falls on me like a winter rain
Over and over again…

- Mikaela

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