Before my Heart stopped beating I saw Him. Before I took my last Breath I saw him. He was Kissing someone else, he held her around her Waist pulling her Closer, it was in the middle of night and I drove over to his house to apologise for being so sensitive. Then I looked through the Window because he wouldn't open the Door, then I saw him with her. I couldn't breath nor Move. I Couldn't look away, it was her he loved the way he kissed her, the way he always paused the kiss looked at her so Appreciative and Sensible it was her not me, I had hopped it would have been me I had hoped that maybe I gave him what no one else ever gave to him. I hoped he loved me as much as I loved him. I hoped he would look at me the way I look at him when were together, but now I see that look its just it isn't forme but for her. not Knowing I dropped my Phone on the Ground , She heard it so did he, he walked towards the door I had to put my self and my Emotions Together, I had to find a Idea why I was there. he opened the Door as his eyes widened up, and in a second they lost there Glimmer the one wich he had when he was with her. Right then I knew he Chose her. With tears in my Eyes I whispered All the best Turned around and walked away while I was trying to Comfort my Poor Little weak Heart telling it that Maybe its not me its Just that Love isn't for mo, Then I Died, I have been around Smiling and Talking and doing things but my heart is Dead and Before I Died I saw him.