Have you ever tried to have a different point of view? Have you ever gone beyond appearances?
Often what we want to see is not what we actually see!
There are some cases where our sense of sight is deprived of color.
Now imagine a world where the sun is not yellow, the sky is not blue, the walls of your room have the same color as all the others.
Then to distinguish the beauty of things you have to look deep into the essence of what it is.
Not just a green sweater, an orange box.
Not your beloved with colored hair and not even his favorite red t-shirt.
It's the way the wind blows this morning and makes a piece of cloth anyway,the bare feet movement on the cold floor.
It's that lipstick that changes the outline but leaves you as beautiful as you are.
All the blankets are the same, no matter if you're in there.
It's the way you look at the world to make it what it is.
It's the way out of the morning's good morning.
It's the good night's kiss.
It's you.