They ask me how I could not want to fall in love. But why would you want to put all your happiness into whether a person gives their attention to you or not?
I do not want to cry over someone who does not care.
I do not want to give anyone else power to destroy me.
I’m like water.
Whereas he burned
He could love like nobody else.
I am dangerous.
My heart is cold.
Like the ocean during a storm.
I don’t want to extinguish your fire.
When you’re in a car and its pouring down rain, you go under a bridge and everything stops.
Everything goes quiet and it's slightly peaceful.
Then you finally get from under the bridge, and everything hits a little harder than before.
I know someone that was exactly like my bridge. It bothers me when people ask me questions about them. They wonder why I speak so highly of them as if they put the stars in the sky.
But they did nothing but break my heart where it’s practically visible through my eyes.
But I laugh it off and will say “that’s the things about love, isn’t it? You’ll let them get away with murder, even if it’s your own.”