You don't have to
tolerate the words they spit out
you do not have to gaze at the ground
as they tear your heart apart
and shred it into bits and pieces
of lifeless flesh
you don't have to hold your head
after the blunt blow of a hit
afraid you might lose your mind
you do not have to hear them define you
as a slut
a bitch
when they have never let you reveal
your soul to them
you do not have to listen to their lies
over and over again
attempting to accept the mere
an unconvincing lie that they love you
because they don't
you don't kill the ones you love
you don't call them mentally ill
until they truly become mental
you don't bruise their bodies
and detach their souls from them
you do not hurt because you are hurt
you do not abuse
you have a voice
a body
a choice.