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Book Recs & synopses

  • While on the train to the home of her new foster parents (Hans & Rosa Hubermann), Liesel`s younger brother sadly passed away. It is at his burial that Liesel stole her first book. Throughout her time in her new surroundings, she witnessed the horrific Nazi genocide which threatened to destroy her childhood. During a time where all Jews were to be sent to concentration camps, Hans and Rose hide Max (a Jew) in their basement. Hans begins to teach Liesel how to read, which fuels her desire to collect more books. The young girl starts to steal books from the mayor`s house with her best friend, Rudy. The power of words finally pushed Liesel to write a book of her own.
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  • Auggie (August) Pullman was born with a facial deformity. Because of his condition, Auggie is a 10 year old who has always been homeschooled. This story is about August starting school for the first time in his life and making new friends. The transition was not ideal for him as the other kids made fun of him but by the end of the school year August has the most friends he`s ever had.
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  • Sydney was always used to living in the shadows of her older brother, Peyton, until one day his actions caused her life to be scrawled across every local newspaper. His drunk driving incident thrust Sydney into the public eye, so she wanted a change. She decided to transfer to a different school which opened up doors for her new life. After her first day of school, Sydney visited a close by pizza shop owned by the Chatham family who would soon become her second family. She meets her new best friend, Layla and Mac, who makes her feel seen for the first time.
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  • Audrey Rose Wadsworth was the 17 year old daughter of Lord Wadsworth. During Victorian London, Audrey was expected "act like a lady" and attend high tea and dress-fittings but such activities did not appeal to her. She decided to help her Uncle, who was a scientist, perform postmortems and attend his classes at university. Lord Wadsworth did not approve of her actions. Her "unlady-like' choices got her into the investigation of the murders committed by "Jack the Ripper" and allowed her to meet Thomas Cresswell. In the end, Audrey finds out that Jack was someone extremely close to her.

For now, I will end this article at four books, but expect more in the future.