Everyday in my last 3 years even more I'm thinking about trips, travel the world, see different things and culture of every country. I'm only 18 but I wanna see the world I wanna travel all around the world and see new people, new places I want to grow inside of all this places I want to go and most of all I wanna find myself and get better for me from all this countries. Day by day I have only thoughts about the world and how much beautiful places they are out there that I've never see and I want to. I think everybody like going trips even nearby even that make you fresh and see life with a different eye and I want that because life sometimes maybe more gets so not good which makes you feel desperate and it isn't good. A human the best who has to do is to travel wherever they can even for 2-3 days or a week is so beautiful to see new places and made you feel good with yourself and apreciate life from trips like this.