Hey everyone! Sophie here,
I just saw that there is a new feauture to write articles, and as a We Heart It fan, I decidede to check it out right away.
So, here we are.
I have been on WHI for quite a while now, like two, maybe three years. I enjoy making collections so much, and I'm so hyped about this new feature!
I'm assuming I will use this a lot, so I hope it will be available in the app soon too.
I decided to take this chance to do a Get To Know me.

So, to give you a quick taste of who I am;
My name is Sophie,
I am 16 years old and and live in the Netherlands
I have brown hair and brown eyes.
I think that I will use the Article option mostly to write down thoughts, short poems and Fanfiction.
And that's where I will start, fandoms.
I am in quite a lot of Fandoms, which are mostly series. My favourite shows are The Walking Dead, Game of thrones, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story and Riverdale. However, I have watched Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Izombie, Znation and many many more.
I also am/ used to be in some Band fandoms. My first "official" fandom was One Direction, then 5sos. Now, I mostly enjoy rock, or Indie-rock like Arctic Monkeys.
Another Hobby of mine is reading. I almost always read in English, even though I'm dutch. I just tend to enjoy it more. Besides, I want to live in London at some point in my life so it helps a lot with my english.
My favourite food is pasta and sushi. I LOVE sushi, it's just amazing.
If you'd ask me to describe myself in an aesthetic, I honestly wouldn't know. I like very many aesthetics. some dark, some mystical, some sweet and cute. I don't think anyone should be described as only one aesthetic since there are soo many good ones.
I have no life plan whatsoever. I think I want to work behind the scenes on movies and series, like decorating and setting up sets and all.

Anyways, if you have made it all the way to here (which I think no one has), Now you know something about me.
I want you to know that I'm A L W A Y S available for a talk so hit me up if you want to talk to me.

Let me know if you want a fanfiction written, I'll see what I can do.
Stay cool my dear followers xx