When you feel like
you have something to hide
It tries to capture you
doing something you shouldnt do
But you just got to let it out
You Place your hand on your mouse
You open your Computer, the sinful system
You click the picture and you wait
You waited
You wanted it to open
But it didn't
You tried again
You waited
But it just couldn't open
Just like you
Sitting in dark waiting
Feeling the need to play
But not having the chance to do it
So you try to seek for help
But help isnt coming

Why isnt my steam account opening.

Glorious DiscLAiMer
(This is a joke poem written By 0V3RD053 on weheartit, it is about trying to open the steam app but it won't open, which is the case right now. THIS IS WRITTEN TO BE TAKEN AS A JOKE!!)