Yo!I have been using We Heart It for about 2 years and some months and I am really really excited to be able to express myself through words as well!!!!!

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So,today's issue is Hanamiya Makoto from the anime Kuroko no Basket.
Just so you know Hanamiya is my number 1 husbando and ,of course,favourite character from KnB!!
Before you say that he is trash and everything relevant to it,I shall agree with you and say that I do not approve of his style of play and what he did to Kiyoshi.

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However,is this really a reason to hate him?I mean,I understand that fellow basketball players will feel disgusted by him but that's not all to him.
So,without any further delay,I present to you some reasons Hanamiya Makoto deserves to be loved~~

1)Hanamiya is one of the smartest,if not the smartest,characters in Kuroko no Basket,with an IQ of over 160.Say what you want,but I doubt everyone can create a Spider Web like him or beat his accuracy.

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2)Hanamiya is known(as stated in the wiki)to have a mother but nothing is stated about a father or siblings.That is,nothing about his past is known which leads me to say that you cannot judge someone's actions based on what you see.It is true that these actions can tell many things about someone's personality but not everything.What if Hanamiya had a past or trauma that made him this way?
To be honest,I could not find another,serious,reason for persuading someone to change opinion anout Hanamiya but I believe that these two are enough.

But come on someone who loves Chemistry,books and chocolate cannot be that bad....