It has often been told to me that I day-dream therefore I am unaware or as people like to say oblivious to reality. Yes, you can say so, I prefer to stay lost in thoughts of finding a trail in the midst of woods that would lead me to the "my kind of happiness" - of loving everything I do and everyone I know.
People who day dream about a place of peace are not unmindful to reality. They’re not ignorant stacks of nihilism, cynicism or dictators showing off or parading around as idealists. They are not oblivious to the dark elements of society. They just understand that the difference between “morals” and “rules of being normal”. They understand that humans were not meant to mimic each other. They understand that what you call reality is only a decomposed, invalid and a spoiled degraded version of what popular media serves you on a platter. They also understand that humans collectively have failed to function optimally and have trespassed that point from where one can begin to accept mistakes as they are and attempt to make amends.

These people - we - the human beings - dream not because we don’t have the courage to accept rat races, we dream because even if for a little while, we get the chance to exist in a universe that is held in complete balance. In that alternate reality, we get to see what you all don’t want to. The BIGGER picture.
— Wally, Tales Of A Wanderer