In which century people who find it criminal live?

I am really sorry if somebody is offended by other persons tattoos or piercings. And I am even more sorry that I actually find it as expression and art.

You love art on piece of paper, I find it more artistic on body.
Actually, even people who make them makes me feel grateful. It is art and always will be.

I am just confused with the fact that in this new world, new time, people still can not get over it. It makes me more angry than sad.

Deal with it and let it go already.


Yeah, that one too.
Tongue, belly button, ears, eyebrows, lips, nose, nipples.. it's none of your bussines. I know it must hurt when world is not a perfect colorful place as you want it to be, but it is how it is. Change yourselfs, stop changing others. You'll see how amazing world can be.

He is a criminal
That's how they were marked after leaving jail
Are you taking drugs too?

Just some of the question we are all tired of hearing. My opinion is not hate for those people, it's just kind of advice to cut it off and live their own life. You are not gonna change anyones mind with hating on things they do. Only thing it does, is pisses me off.