I honestly wish him the best. I do. I'm not hurt. I'm happy. 'Cause now I know me a little better. He is wrong. I am right. I can I sleep at night. Can he? I wouldn't take our kiss back. I really wouldn't. It taught me not to give myself to others that easily, it taught me that someone's lips and the way they kiss you say a lot about them. And the way he kissed me wasn't enough. I want more. I want someone who looks at me and sees the real me, somebody who stares in my eyes and sees their depth, not just their colour, somebody who is not just a body and who is not just interested in mine. Someone with a soul close to mine. So, thanks for the memories. Really. I wish you the best. I hope you finally find your path. But most of all, I hope the best for me. And the best is yet to come.