If he could say one thing to her for the rest of his life, it would be, "I love you." That's the only thing he's ever needed her to know. Her soft skin and her delicate lips would be something he'd give up touching if she could just know that.

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She's trying to convince herself that it's all foolishness. It's only a fairytale. People can't fall in love, especially not at first sight. He must be delusional. Or is she? Those chocolate, brown eyes and smile as white as snow are telling her to look inside her heart.

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"I love you," escaped his lips before they could reach hers. Would she ever come to the realization that she might just love him too? Is that possible?

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Would it be so bad to say I hope I never have to live without you?
-Ty Nelson, We're Soulmates by Skye Griffin
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