Hello, my dear reader! I've been thinking about what to write and decided that I will write about the most cherished dream in my life. Of course it's a trip in the wonderful city - New-York!
So, why I want to go? I've never been in such a modern and famous cities... I'm fascinated with the city! All these tall skyscrapers and billboards and the famous new York taxi, a huge number of attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Brooklyn bridge, Empire state building, times square, what so want to visit this incredible city.
But what is most surprising that every year in new York city removed an average of 250 films. On the streets of new York you can meet many celebrities and it makes the city even more attractive* Just imagine, you are stand with your favorite actor or singer and do a joint photo, and it remains for life.
Just thinking about it makes me happy!*

And I will say something else, don't be afraid to dream, a dream is a goal and we must achieve this goal despite the all obstacles