Welcome to the 21. century. Century where we still stand in same place for no reason. Let me tell you something about womans. About us.


We are maybe hard to understand. But, have you actually tried that. We all know that just one woman talking about respect is called feminist. What that makes you than? Ask yourself how much respect have you earned from others before calling lady a whore or ugly, just because she doesn't fit in your perfect picture. Neither do you in hers, but she keeps it for herself.



She doesn't have to wear a makeup to be beautiful, but she can. If you don't see the difference, I feel sorry for you.
If she wears short dresses, if she wears high heels, she is not a slut and stop giving yourself that right to call anyone names.
And you girl, do what you feel like doing, fuck them.
Also, she is not fat, she is curvy.. she is amazing. That body will give or has already given one amazing new life. She doesn't have to be skinny to be beautiful, neither do skinny girls have to have big boobs. Don't disrespect womans just because you have a wrong picture of us in your head. It's seriously messed up.


A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her.
-Marilyn Monroe