I have no idea what I am going to write, but I need to let my thoughts out. Also, I dont speak english irl, so sorry about eventual mistakes.
P.S. This is me after reading the whole thing, it's all over the place, just bare with me on this one.

I was wondering something. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or, Are you alive, or just existing? I know, you already heard these questions a thousand times, or you saw a cute inspirational picture somewhere on the internet with some quote like this on it. But I really want to know.

I see sooo many people walking around with their heads down, I hear them talking about life in such a negative way. Nowadays, everything is a problem. Everyone getting upset by everything. Everyone hurting eachother. People thinking they are not good enough. Why?
Why focus your thoughts, emotions, your soul, on negative things in life? Why are we taking something nice and simple and turning it into something complicated and ugly.

Why do we waste our lives concentrating on negative, being rude, fighting and hating.. Relax. Breathe. Listen to music. Go buy a pony, whatever gets you excited. Love eachother. Respect eachother. Dont hate and dont judge. You are only wasting your time and energy on something pointless. Try everyday to be the best version of yourself. Get yourself out of the bed and do something for the first time, put a smile on somebodys face, enjoy every second of everyday, send positive vibrations to the universe and you are going to recive even more. Same goes for the negative, just dont.

Open your eyes, look at the sky and say one loud ''THANK YOU'' for all the things in your life that you are grateful about. The smallest things.
Start with yourself. Whatever emotions you are creating, you are only going to recive more of those. Forget about the past and focus on today.

I think thats it. I hope this pile of words made you do something good for yourself or somebody else. I just want people to understand some things and to finally stop judging and hating on other people and on themselves because nothing good comes out of that.

Love, bye