I still hear the giggles,
And still see the crisp green leaves around.
I can still imagine the spontaneous conversation,
Your voice that made me feel like I was found.

The sun setting much quicker,
Along with every passing day.
The August rain, gently draining my worries,
Now nothing makes me wanna stay.

Everything felt so short, yet so long,
I miss your hair intertwined with the summer haze.
I can’t find the time to speak to you anymore,
Just feeling a bit stuck in my own maze.

The leaves change color gradually,
And the cicadas start to cry.
I hear birds tweeting in the dark,
Waiting until the Autumn sky.

The air in summer colors,
Trying to reach out to you on that afternoon.
The careful breeze caressing my cheeks,
Hoping we meet again soon.

Leaving summer I leave myself,
I belong somewhere far away.
Leaving summer I leave the memories,
And next time I’ll have nothing to say.