so can i have your atencion? great
so... i wish i can say that i´m new in this thing of we heart it but im not , after all im "here" fos almost two / three years or something like that...

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so now i dont know i think i will say a little bit a but me and thinks i like... so i really really like movies&series&books and drawing ,, im a art student and what more ... yey i tell you i have a really mundane life i wish that i can be a shadowhunter or a demingod or study in hogwart i dont i simply i wish that i can life in one of my b00ks/series words it will be perfct and you ? I bet if you what im talking you wish this things too [oh yes im not ingles or american (my originally language are not ingles so if are any thing written wrong sorry for that )

so i dont no what say soooo follow me and go check my collection


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trueeeeee, remember you are amazing and one day you will be proud of the perosn you are now.
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this is so sad because this resumes my fangirl fellings...

and i know that i said "bye" but a good bye never is a really good bye ....

so to finish (probably is not a really "finish " but anyway ) i really wanna say first THANK YOU yes you because you ready to this part you belive in my (i know you are probably just thinking : " i just read this thing untilto the end is not a big deal " but for me yes is a BIG DEAL because one of my future "goals" is can inspire people like now i am constantly inspired both by normal people as by songs, books , movies , series anyway if you like give a heart please and if you want let a message to say me if you like if you (maybe ) get inspired by this little text , you can ask me anything you want i dont now i will love read more about you, you can also let a messager to tell me that type music you like , music , books , movies anything i just want you belive in you and ... yes i dont no what say more and sorry if are thing write wrong (i dont speak very well in ingles)

if i have a wish i think that i will wish that everyone speak the same languange... well for now i dont have nothing more to say soooo bye

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and i know that im not "history" but like history i will not say goodbye but yes : SEE YOU LATER (smile) hope you like i maybe continuo write this i dnot now little historys(?) about other things ....

bye : )