Today, August 25—I am going to share with you all my Top 10 TV Shows. Watching TV is one of my favorite hobbies and I am quite the judge when it comes to what is worth watching. I have seen a lot of series and today I am going to tell you which ten shows are definitely worth your time.

  • Supernatural
This show is definitely worth your time. It is long—yes, 13 seasons to be exact—but every second is worth it. This is my all time favorite tv show and let me tell you that my love for Dean, Castiel and Sam cannot fit in a room.
*Castiel is my guardian angel.
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  • Teen Wolf
If you like high school drama with a mix of supernatural stuff, then Teen Wolf is a definite must watch. This show will hook you up and make you wish you were a werewolf, banshee or basically anything—just to be a part of the pack. This September the last season is ending and I will probably be crying about it for months (don't worry about me, i'll be fine). It has six seasons of pure adrenaline, mystery and saving the world kinda fun.
*I need a Stiles Stilisnki in my life.
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  • Nashville
No, it does not have any supernatural stuff but it is one hell of a show. If you like drama, then prepare yourself because Nashville in an emotional rollercoaster ride—full of drama. You will fall in love with each of the characters and feel their pain with them. Every episode is full of wonderful country music, that will make everything a hundredth times more heartfelt.
*Juliette Barnes is a badass bitch than I sometime hate and sometimes love.
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  • The 100
Let me tell you something, you will definitely remember each one of the hundredth kids. The show is full of thrill and adventure and you are hooked up before you even know it. This show makes you a true survivor.
*Sometimes I wonder if we will be the end of this world, blame the 100.
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  • Gotham
BATMAN! That is the first thought that pops into everyones minds when they hear Gotham, but the show is not really centered around Batman—more around his childhood and how Gotham came to be the messed up town Batman protects. Full of corruption and growth this show is definitely worth watching and will make you see a whole new side to what we call rotten.
*I love Edward Nigma, sorry not sorry.
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  • Revenge
Sadly, this show ended back in 2015—but this does not mean it is not great. You will embark with Emily Clarke on her journey for revenge and will learn many great things along the way. Great show!
*Love this show infinity times infinity.
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  • CSI: Miami
If you love crime shows this one has been my favorite so far. I love crime shows, specially all the CSI ones but Miami has been my favorite. It has this certain aura and warmth that made me like it more. I really liked all of the characters and their stories. It aired from 2005-2012.
*Horacio putting on his sunglasses to the tune of the theme song will always be an iconic scene.
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  • Baby Daddy
This show is the funniest tv show I have ever seen. Each and every one of the characters is hilarious and their situations are even funnier. It all starts when a baby girl is left on Ben's doorstep and he learns he is the dad of the baby. As the seasons go by every character grows and you grow with them. If you feel like laughing every episode of the show—Baby Daddy is your show.
*Danny boy, you the man!!
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  • The Flash
You probably have heard of The Flash by now, it has gained quite the popularity over the past year and if you haven't, well I'm shook. Anyways, it is a great show—the story of Barry Allen aka The Flash. Not everyone sees the Flash as an interesting superhero, but this show gives it a twist. Follow Barry and his gang around and you will not regret it.
*Point aside I do not always agree with Barry's decisions, but oh well. RUN, BARRY, RUN
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  • Game of Thrones
Finally, but not at all least than the others is Game of Thrones!! The amazing story of a kingdom and its fight for the throne, that is basically it. Kidding—when every one wants to rule and there is an enemy bigger than all of them right around the corner, well what will happen? Seriously worth watching, the plot is amazing and the acting is just as amazing. Hands down one of the best TV Shows I have seen in ages.
*The north remembers.
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I really hope you watch some of this shows and let me know what you think about them, send me a postcard if you have seen any of them or of any other show you think deserves to be on the list haha

Good day or night, peace out✌🏽