That moment when you realize that you never had good friends in your whole life because they never could truly understand you, be by your side when you suffered, just pass by you like you don't exist, when they don't even know little things about you, when they're like "oh, we don't have anything to talk about", when they would talk behind your back bad things about you but act friendly when spending time with you, when they're always trying to be better than you...
And it's completely true that parents always will know who's good friend and who's just acting like good friend
I should realized sooner that some people are shitty creatures and that it would be better to put walls around you in order not to be hurt,
that it's better to be in your own little world doing things you like and spending time with people who truly care about you, learning new things.
I have no friends but i'm not lonely, i'm truly happy now.