We live in a world full of competion and its quite hard to resist the urge to compare yourself to every pretty or interesting girl you see in the streets. Especially if your self esteem isn´t too big and if you are very insecure. But don´t worry, loving yourself may seem quite hard, but nevertheless if you try it out, you can succeed!

1.Don´t listen to what they say!
Seriously, whether its the mean girls at school or the fuckboys online. Ignore it. Beauty standards which exist in todays society are nothing but unreal, fake and almost everytime photoshoped. So if they laugh about your acne or your not pefectly thin and sporty body, forget about it. They are not what matters.

2.Get to know yourself!...
You can only love yourself, if you really know who you are. So try to watch yourself in the mirror for at least 10 minutes, notice every bodypart, not with hatred, but with kindness. Every part of you depends on you and belongs to you. You can also take lots of selfies if you wish to. To get to know your soul you may read, create art, do sports or write something that comes from your heart.

3....And find out your strengthes!
If you find something you are really good at, like drawing, running, discussing or if you are interested in some certain topic, you may discover a talent that you can be really proud of. If its not that easy to find something like this, think of something you would really enjoy. For example desgining fashion, but lets say you can´t sew nor draw. Simply try to learn it and it will become a talent of yours!

4.Look out for real friends!
Lets be honest, you don´t need no toxic friends that constanly joke about your insecurities and brag about themselves. Find yourself some nice people on whom you can count on. Even if it means that you will be left with internet friends only. Thats always better then some stupid popular mean girls.

5.Never hate on people because of their insecurities!
I agree, gossiping can be pretty fun. But nevertheless its a toxic thing for you to do. Because if you wish to be treated well no matter how you look like or act like (if its not hurtful for someone), you should do the same thing for others too. Also: nothing is better than loving and supportive girl power! I promise. And you can be more confedent about yourself.

6.Never blame bad things on yourself!
If something very bad happend to you, don´t blame it on yourself. No rape or toxic relationship is your fault, and you should take your time to deal with this painful and very uncomfortable experience.