The act
She fell to the ground. She let everything out. All the stars in the galaxy fell out around her. Her tears became wild oceans, that was slowly drowning her. Flowers were sprouting out of her wrists as they fell to the marble beneath her. As the ocean filled up the bathroom and all the flowers fell out. She closed her eyes, ready to say goodbye. She didn’t see her beauty. The stars in the galaxy started falling all around her. They needed her and she didn’t see it. She didn’t love herself and never thought she would. She saw the flowers as sticky, red blood and the beautiful oceans as tears. She saw the stars in the galaxy as people who didn’t care for her. She saw the planet as a disgusting earth gone to rubble. She was blind to all the remarkable things around her.
The view
Why wasn’t she as beautiful as all the stars in the sky? Why wasn’t she a big, beautiful moon or a shiny, bright sun? She compared herself to the dirt on the ground. What she didn’t see was how beautiful the ground was. She didn’t see the gorgeous flowers sprouting from the dirt. She didn’t see the grass that fed some of her favourite little animals. She didn’t see how the trees depended on her for life. All she saw was how beautiful the sky was. If she wouldn’t have kept her head up the whole time, maybe she’d see her true beauty right under her nose.

The discovery
The first time she drew her art was when she fell from the stars. They called her names she never knew. She went home and took a paintbrush and started drawing on herself. She drew small, beautiful lines that sprouted tiny flowers. As the stars kept falling she kept drawing on her skin. She learned that the longer, deeper she drew the more flowers came out. Once, so many flowers came out she couldn’t stop them. She had drawn too deep.
The escape
She loved to read. She could escape this galaxy and go wherever she wanted. She made friends that were only hers. People were kind to her and no one said anything about the art on her arms and legs. There were magic and danger. She got excited. Did she wonder if somewhere in the galaxy a place like this existed? She learned that there was. After all the bright fell from your eyes, you go where you're truly happy. She wanted to go there. She wanted to be happy. She didn’t wanna keep painting smiles on herself every morning. She was ready.
The Disaster
She awoke in a white room. She had on a dress that was bare in the back. She heard beeping and light murmuring by her. There were wires on her arms where flowers used to sprout. Stars were in the room with her and had oceans on their faces. She didn’t understand why. All those stars had at some point fallen around her and made fun of her. Now there were puddles forming from the oceans falling from their face. The stars were now dull and no longer radiant. As if something like a disaster had happened.
The Beauty
The day she left the white room was a happy day. She changed from her bareback dress into something cotton. She looked in the mirror and saw something different. As if she was a radiant star like the others. On her way home, she realised what it was. As small drips of oceans fell on her face. She loved herself. She knew she was beautiful.
The Life
No longer did flowers sprout from her wrists but instead fell from her mouth. The stars were drawn to her newfound art. Her drawings were faded but still there. Forevermore a reminder of once when she was an artist with an addiction. The Galaxy will always be this way. But never will she. For she is the dirt that sprouts all the beautiful flowers and magical trees. And everyone else may be a star in the galaxy. But never her. Never again.