Music is a universal language; that's the beautiful thing about it. However, like some languages, others are harder to find amongst a certain group of people. Civilizations that once thrived under the sun are now becoming lost to modern-day trends. That's where I come in. My mission is to help those lost civilizations of music find their way to the spotlight, by finally reaching out and talking about them, and with this new article feature, I hope that won't be too hard.

Anyways, listed here are genres of music that most modern-day people may not know about. Though I'd love to go on all day about them, I'm also sure you can figure them out yourselves:

1) Electro-swing
2) Dieslepunk
3) steampunk
4) Japanoise
5) Dubstep
6) Beatdown
7) Crustpunk
8) Deep Liquid Bass
9) Fallen Angel
10) Vaporwave