English is an international language and fundamental to learning and communicating in all cultures. For Jordanian students the EFL curriculum should help the learners to internalize the Arab-Islamic culture which should be used as aspiring board to understand, appreciate, and interact with people of different countries, as well as Jordanian identity. With the increasing use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), our students need to cope with different means of technology that emerge as a result. In addition, students may need to learn English if they seek to get a future career. Through learning English, they will be able to develop confidence, competence and self-reliance to meet the demands of school employment and further education.
Students need to acquire a sufficient knowledge of English that will enable them to utilize the ordinary and electronic libraries when doing their projects, reports, research papers, etc... . To be able to express oneself in English, a student needs to show mastery over the four skills of language
(i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing) in addition to appreciation of literature. He/ She can benefit from mass media such as newspapers, magazines, TV and Internet.
It is assumed that after learning English at school, students will have deepened their values and heritage; at the same time they can cope with emerging issues analytically and critically