Do you know that feeling of weaking up on a school day morning and don't know what to wear?
Here I am to suggest you SIX fabulous outfits perfect to be putting on if you have no ideas.


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Simple but effective, a casual look for your monday morning. I would combine it with a full and delicious cup of coffee.


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A cozy jumper, some black jeans and a pair of snikers, what's better than this?


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If you are like me and you can't stand wear jeans everyday this is the perfect outfit for you! Soft, cushy and warm, you're welcome!


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A little bit more elegant but hey, you can do this once in a week, or no?


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For some of you this is the last day of your week, so why don't celebrate it?
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On the other hand, if you are unlucky like me and you will go to school even on saturday, let the world knows your disgusted by that.

Here you are, i hope you liked my choices in terms of style.
Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes but i'm not english and it isn't my mother tongue Language.

See you soon,

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