Hello friends! (and thank you for 2k!)

Wow, WHI finally added a written post feature???

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honestly,, mood ^^

I'm v boring, so I'm going to list the things you can expect to see on this account.

  • kpop, including but not limited to ; astro, got7, bts, wanna one, red velvet, blackpink
  • themes/aesthetics

I'm 16 years old, and (probably quite obviously) a girl. I'm from south-east asia, and I'm v. proud of my ethnicity & tan skin. Unfortunately, however, I only speak one language (which is English) but I can understand my native language and I'm learning Korean! (slowly.)

If you're interested in TV shows, or books, follow my other account ; @sweeterthan ; however I'm not that active on that account.

DM/PM for social medias & questions :3

- Mika