So recently like 2-3 weeks ago i have watched “blood +” the anime and let me tell you i have enjoyed every moment i did :) .

Compared to the manga which haves more of a happy ending to most characters than the anime, i saw my self leaning more to the second even with its more darker theme.. Tho compared to the art, the manga takes the win but in story line and events i preferred the anime.

yes.. Saya “the main heroin” was very annoying and more of repeating the same sentence over and over again —> “I can’t do it !!” and we find her more than one event really leaning our emotions towards hating her, because she seemed very useless most of the anime time when i think of comparing her character in the manga.. but non the less i still liked the anime more because i felt it was exploring the characters surrounding "Saya" along with exploring her at the same time.

"Spoilers Ahead!! manga vs anime"

In the anime, we got to see a different "Solomon", one that is more in love with "Saya" than he is with the one that turned him ((Diva)) At some point of the anime he was even welling to go against "Diva" just for "Saya". which compared to the manga, he had no interest in "Saya" that way at all.

we also got to see an insight into Nathans character which seemed to me more appealing than the one shown in the manga. In the anime "Nathans" character seems more mysterious and generally neutral towards all the events that are happening between the sisters, it is also implied ((Heavily hinted)) in both the anime and the light novel that "Nathans" poses as neither "Saya's" or "diva's" night but instead their mothers, as he keeps implying :" History is repeating it self".

In the manga tho, nothing of said characteristics or events existed at all. "Nathans" in the manga was more hateful and resentful towards "Diva" when she reviled she had felt nothing towards the death of one of her nights ((James)). Not to mention her attempt at killing him and thus he started to both hate and resent the one who turned him leading later to him becoming the one who killed "Diva" and after wards "Saya" becomes enraged at this and kills him too.

In the anime, they showed us "Diva" becoming pregnant by non other than "Saya's" own little ((14 year old)) brother!! Not to mention she was even the same person who killed him thus leading to "Saya" turning him so she wont lose him but .. lets be honest, she did in the end when after "Diva" was done with having sex with "riku" (( Saya's little brother)) she gave him some of her blood as "A gift for what he have given her ~" ... which led to his death.

In the manga how ever, "Riku" lives and towards the last chapter he was shown helping the "red sheild" agents move things.

"Diva's" personality how ever is more childish in the manga more than the anime .. I mean in both places she was portrayed in a childish manner but in the anime it was more of a "naughty child" than the "confused/led child" in the manga.

*manga "diva" ---> forced by "Amshel" in to doing things she didn't want like having sex with "Riku" ..

*Anime "dive" ---> was very welling in to doing it and what even shown that she told "Amshel" her self that she wanted him.

in the other hand speaking of another character, I did wish that "Charles" was portrayed like the one in the manga, Because the one in the anime didn’t appeal to me as much as the first one did with his conflicted emotions towards the character "Van" was better drama to me than the "Charles" portrayed in the anime.

So yes .. I personally think that the anime was better/action packed more than the manga. I mean, if you want a happy ending with most characters living then go read the manga and if you want the opposite then go for the anime.

P.s: my favorite character is "Riku" and "Solomon", Who's yours ? ^^