This my first article and I don't know what to talk about but I'll write a couple of things I love. So here we go:
Books. Food. Sugar. Hydrangeas my favorite flowers. Young adult books. Fantasy books. Romance. Fancy clothes. High heels even tho I don't wear them. Ireland. Learning languages. Knowing something about everything. Stars. Rhysand. Sarah J Maas. Jace herondale. Kiera Cass. Cassandra Clare. Colleen Hoover. WeHeartIt. Poems. Complicated words. Paris. Maple syrup. Sloths because they're me. Naping. Sleeping. My bed. Winter. Warm Clothes. My little cousin. The sea. The ocean. Old libraries. Bookstores. Sweets. Aesthetically pleasing shit. Houses. Interior designing. Writing. Tumblr. Dogs. Eating. Being skinny. Myself. Hugging. History. Troye Sivan. Dua Lipa. Youtube. Ghosts. Dan Howell. Shane Dawson. September my birth month. Virgo my star sign. Animals. Nature. Victoria's Secret. Paolo Sebastian. Ralph and Russo. Dresses. Procrastination. Music.
If we have anything in common, I'd like to get to know you.